North Florida Reception Center

Dear Dave,

I have been using your product since 1992 and I have been very satisfied with it. Let me tell you two of the applications I used with the product.
In Albany Georgia. there was a "can" lift station that was a chronic problem with grease buildup due to the shopping mall. We are talking a very large amount of grease. Chunks of grease getting into the suction pipe of the pump forces the pumps to lose prime. Sometimes it takes an hour to re prime a pump and naturally it happens when I had no one working so overtime is usually involved.
You came by and introduced yourself. My initial thought was "another snake oil salesman". You told me what your product would do and you had faith in your product by offering to treat my worst lift station. If I was not satisfied with the results, there would be no charge.
I took you to lift station #78. We turned both pumps on and could barely see the water level going down. You put twenty gallons of MicroSolve in as the initial dose because of the caked grease. Your instructions were to hosed down the foam daily since foam contains the bacteria needed to consume the grease.
The first day after that, one of my maintenance men hosed the lift station down. The second day I went out to the station. There was lots of gray foam on the surface, the caked grease was pitted with lots of holes. Since the hose was connected to the discharge side of the pump(no potable water on site), I went down in the can station to turn the pump on manual to have some wash down water. By the time I climbed out of the station the water level was already down three feet.
This indicated not only was there reduction of grease in the wet well, but the suction lines to the pump was clean. The pumps gave no more problems for two months on this single dose. After the loss of prime began again, we began dosing this lift station with MicroSolve at a rate of one gallon every two weeks(our decision) to prevent buildups.
In San Benito, Texas, I had a collection line that we had to use the vacuum truck to pressure jet grease from the line every Friday. The line had a tortilla factory on it as well as residential users. Inspecting the tortilla factory grease trap, we discovered that the grease was about eighteen inches thick. I gave the owner five gallons of MicroSolve. I instructed him to pour in two gallons through the kitchen drain the first day and a pint every day after that. That five gallons not only cleaned the grease trap, but also the collection line. We did not use the vacuum truck in that area for four months.
The best thing about this product is that the MicroSolve continue to clean the collection lines on route to the wastewater plant Initially we received a large amount of grease that were broken off the pipes by the force of the water flowing through, then after that, the amount of grease seem to be less than usual.
Everywhere I go, anytime I hear of a grease problem, whether it is a grease trap, collection line or a plugged scum line from a primary clarifier, I recommend trying  MicroSolve.


Michael Switzer, Project Manager
Operations Management International
Quincy, Florida