City of Eastman, GA

Dear Dave,

I would like to thank you for all the help you and your distributor Jim DeVane with Stadco Utilities have given me in solving my grease problems using your product "Micro-Solve".
As you know, we have been using Micro-Solve" for over four years, and since using this product, grease stoppages in our sanitary lines became less frequent and soon became a thing of the past.
In addition, by adding "Micro-Solve" to an aeration pond at a 900 mgd plant, our removal of TSS increased from an average of 50-70 ppm to 75-95 ppm removal. This not only put the city back in compliance, but saved us thousands of dollars by almost eliminating aerator motor replacement costs and EPD fines, not to mention odor reduction.
We also add Micro-Solve" to our lift stations, and now our walls, float switches and control wires are clean, improving our pump efficiency, eliminating call outs to over flowing manholes and lift stations.
In addition, we have found that our sludge return at the plant is so liquified, that we have eliminated the need to unclog the lines with sewer machines, saving us both time and man hours.
I would strongly recommend, to anyone in our industry, the use of "Micro-Solve" as a maintenance tool in their collection lines, grease traps and lift stations.

Fred Barton
Wastewater Treatment Plant