odor-solve-coverOdor-Solve is a complex hygroscopic compound in liquid form that absorbs hydrogen sulfide from the air and also reduces the escape of carbon dioxide from the air.

This process occurs thru ionization which is a chemical change by which ions are formed by a neutral molecule (O2) of an inorganic gas (H2 S) forming an ionic bond on the sulfide in H2 S gas.

By bonding, thru ionization, the sulfide is encapsulated or separates from the sulfides (sulfuretics) eliminating or drastically reducing the H2 S gas. H2 S chemically known as a derivation by the action of dilute sulfuric acid on a sulfide (usually iron sulfide). Results have shown by testing phenomenal reduction in H2 S gas with the use of Odor-Solve.

Odor Solve does not contain bleach, sodium hypochlorite, agents or any form of iron compounds.

For more indepth information about Odor-Solve please view our Tech-Manual.