Athens-Clarke County Government

Dear Sirs:

While attending the GWPCA Annual Conference, I came in contact with your representatives, and was informed of your product "MicroSolve", its applications and uses. Upon returning to Athens, we discussed this product further and decided to call f or a demonstration.

Your distributor, a representative of Stadco Utilities came to Athens and he was taken to two problem areas with excessive grease build up in manholes and stoppage in the lines. At this time, we applied five (5) gallons of Micro-Solve per manhole, by pouring the product along the walls, on steps and directly onto the grease build up in the inverts. After approximately two days, our crews returned to the two manholes and washed down the two problem spots. The results were amazing. The build up was totally gone. The walls of the pipe were clean and grease free.

We have now incorporated the use of Micro-solve into our routine maintenance program, and are continuing to be impressed with the results. Sewer problems due to grease build up has been less and less, saving us time and money.

I would encourage anyone in our industry to take a look at MicroSolve and what it can do as a maintenance tool in the sewer system.

Respectfully Submitted,

Geffery W.McAllister
Superintendent, Water & Sewer Distribution
Athens-Clarke County Government

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