Town of Braselton, GA

Dear Jim:

Thanks for the speedy delivery of our shipment of Micro-Solve last week. We try and keep our maintenance route going on schedule, but due to our new construction I had forgotten to order it as I should have. The extra effort your staff put forth is greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

We have been using Micro-Solve for about six years now. As you well know, the first two years our use of the product was sporadic at best. Our crews always seemed to be spread too thin to take the time to apply it as it should have been. It seems we always had the time or had to make the time to pump out a flooded wet well or unstop a sewer line or manhole, but we never had time to maintain a consistent program of Micro-Solve application. There has been rapid development in our local area and about five years ago we noticed we were not having the call outs and emergency sewer problems we once were experiencing. After a thorough check and constant monitoring, we found the Micro-Solve product had greatly reduced the fats, oils and grease build up in our lift stations, as well as throughout our collection system. With the aid of our TV camera, we found lines that had contained large amounts of grease were noticeably cleaner and flowing much better. At this time, we made a concerted effort to maintain a routine schedule of applying this product. While we had a good start we certainly wanted to keep it going. It has been almost four years, and we continue to be impressed at our progress. Our lines and manholes are clean and our lift station problems due to F-O-G's are minimal at best.
It has been an additional help since you have introduced Micro-Solve to our local restaurants and food processing plants. By their use of the product, it begins to break down the grease at the source. At the same time, it keeps them in compliance for their discharge permits.

I have also seen a tremendous reduction in the amount of "Duck Weed" on our lagoon. Micro-Solve has eliminated so many of the nutrients that "Duck Weed" would thrive on that there is no longer a sufficient food supply for this annoying problem, therefore, it ceases to exist. This is one of the biggest "pluses" for its use.
Time does not allow me to go on about the benefits of your product. I wanted to write and say thanks for all your time in introducing me to Micro-Solve. We all have enjoyed the professional relationship with your company. Micro-Solve has been a success, your deliveries have been prompt, and we look forward to working with you in the further.


Jeffrey L. Hulsey
Water & Pollution Control Superintendent

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