Federal Bureau of Prisons

Dear Mr. McGarva,

FCI Estill, S.C. houses approximately 1,200 inmates. The staff consists of approximately 250 officers and employees. Our waste water system utilizes a lift station and two in-line grinders to handle approximately 250,000 gallons per day. Grease deposition in the sewer line with periodic plugging is a major problem. A recent plugging episode lead us to utilize Micro--Solve. After mechanical perforation, five gallons of Micro-Solve was introduced into the system. Two weeks later, a second five gallons was added. The results were excellent.

We instigated a preventive maintenance program recommended by Bio-Tech Distribution. Our system now functions flawlessly. Maintenance cost is lower. Service interruptions are minimal.

We are pleased with the addition of Micro-Solve to our standard procedures at FCI Estill.

Cordially yours,

George Matt
Facilities Manager
FCI Estill, S.C.

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