Keebler Company

Just wanted to give you an update on the progress we have had with the Micro-Solve product.
At this time we are applying Micro-Solve to the following areas of our plant:
1) The north and south grease separators
2) All inside floor drains in the bakery
3) The north and south interceptors (grease traps)
4) The bar screen and lift station at the Waste Water Treatment Plant
5) The Aeration tank at the Waste Water Treatment Plant

Our method of application is as follows:

Hand sprayer is used on the lift station which helps keep the walls and floats clean of grease. Also by applying the Micro-Solve to the separators and the drains has reduced the septic conditions and odor complaints. It also keeps the drains clean and open. Basically, it has eliminated us having to pump our grease traps out. Micro-Solve has increased the settle ability in the Aeration tank, decreased the BOD and helped to reduce my sludge wasting.

I would encourage anyone in our type industry to take a look at Micro-Solve and what it can do as a maintenance tool in their separators, drain, grease traps, lift stations, and Waste Water Treatment Plants.

Respectfully Submitted,

Larry W. Mimbs
Sanitation Manager

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