JEA Wastewater Division

Dear Mr. McGarva:

The wastewater line located in the 11,000 block of Walnut Bend has been plagued for years with grease stoppages. The line is constructed with a depressed section (inverted siphon) where it flows under a manmade lake and services a relatively new residential area. Most houses within the service area have garbage disposal units, which compounds the problem.
As a result of continuing complaints from our customers, it became a standard practice to dispatch a three-man crew on the first and fifteenth of each month to clean the depressed section. Caustics and a hydraulic combined jet rodder were utilized. It soon became apparent that this method was not cost-effective, and that other alternatives should be considered. Mr. David Ponce of the Buckman Street Sewage Treatment Plant had been using Micro Solve for some time, and suggested that we give it a try. We had tried other "miracle" products with limited or no success, and I was somewhat skeptical, as were my foremen and operators.
The use of caustics was terminated, and five gallons of Micro Solve was poured into the system on the first and fifteenth of each month. Stoppages became less frequent. The dosage was then increased to ten gallons and stoppages became a thing of the past. Television inspection of tributary lines found zero grease deposits.
We now use a two-man crew riding in a pickup truck to apply the Micro Solve. This frees a $150,000.00 hydraulic cleaning machine and crew to perform other duties, thus saving us man-hours and dollars. We also utilize Micro Solve in poor grade and tuberculated cast iron pipe that remains surcharged and causes a grease problem. Micro Solve works very well for us.

Very truly yours

G.W. Brummitt, General Supervisor Wastewater Collection Activity

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