City of Social Circle, GA

Dear Dave:

Just a note of thanks for all the help you and your distributor, Stadco Utilities, Inc., have given me with my sewer problems.
As you know, I took over the City Utilities Department in January 1993, and soon discovered a real mess on my hands in the sewer collection system. My staff found numerous lines clogged with grease, manholes with excessive grease buildup, and in rain showers the lift stations would overflow from inefficient operation caused by the grease. I really needed help. Stadco came to me with your "Micro-Solve" and quite frankly I was skeptical, since I had tried many other products promising the same results.
I had dealt with Stadco Utilities, Inc. before and found them to be reputable, and they promised to stand behind their product 100%, so I decided to give it a try. I couldn't believe the results. "Micro-Solve" was applied to several manholes throughout our system, and immediately grease stoppages became less and less frequent. In one instance, a manhole behind a nursing home had become completely stopped, and with five gallons of "Micro-Solve", we began to have flow in a matter of hours.
We also added "Micro-Solve" to our sewer lift stations and now wall, pumps and control wires are clean and working efficiently. the repeated call outs to lift stations and overflowing manholes due to grease problems are a thing of the past. We now use "Micro-Solve" in our weekly maintenance schedule.
Your product was the answer to many of our sewer problems. Thanks again for all your help and keep up the good work.

Yours truly,

Kenny Harper
Director of Utilities
City of Social Circle, GA

P.S. My plant operator has some amazing "Micro-Solve" stories to tell next time you are in the area he will be glad to talk with you about.

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